What is the Toybrary?

The Toybrary of Asheville is a mobile unit based on a sharing economy that provides toy-lending services for ages 1-8 and special needs. We are busy creating the digital catalog (complete with descriptions and photos) which will be linked to the website. Subscribers enroll in the option that best fits their family, business, or organization. They can then reserve items on-line or visit the bus along its weekly route (also in process) to check out items in person! We are actively seeking space for a toy library/play center that is centrally located along the bus line in downtown Asheville.

What if a toy is not returned?  

The maximum amount of time a toy may be checked out is two weeks. The fine for overdue toys is $1.00 per toy per calendar day. Late fees must be paid before borrowing new toys.  Subscribers will be held accountable for the full retail price of an unreturned  toy.  The Toybrary has the right to cancel a subscription if these policies are not adhered to.

How much does it cost?

Play Hero subscriptions come in a variety of different levels depending upon the needs of the family, individual, business, or organization. All levels have equal opportunity to the toys and events provided by the Toybrary.  Subscription are not refundable.

Questions? Reach out to our Chief Play Officer Mz. SuZazzle @ 828-367-4614 or ashevilletoybrary@gmail.com